External investigation of harassment cases

Investigating cases of harassment in the workplace demands a specialized and empathetic approach, recognizing that standard investigative procedures may not suffice in addressing such sensitive matters. The risks are particularly grave in instances of sexual harassment, where inadequate responses from employers can lead to significant liabilities. Often, harassment stems from individuals in positions of authority, fostering a culture of silence and fear of reprisals among employees.

Prompt and impartial investigation is paramount, especially when allegations involve managerial staff or impact multiple employees. Our team conducts meticulous investigations, prioritizing trauma-informed interviewing techniques when engaging with victims, witnesses, and other relevant parties. We also provide support and a safe space for victims as needed.

Upon completing the investigation, we deliver a comprehensive report outlining findings, assigning accountability, and recommending corrective actions. Our approach is grounded in the restorative paradigm, aiming to rebuild a workplace environment that is safe, respectful, and conducive to well-being. This work is crucial for achieving justice in individual cases, preventing future incidents, and fostering a culture of accountability and respect within the organization.

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