Veredas – Human Rights Strategies offers a wide range of services aimed at building a more dignified work environment and guiding institutional practices that are consistent with the values ​​of protection and promotion of human rights. Services can be organized into individual products or more robust specific packages, with varying degrees of follow-up ranging from preliminary phases such as diagnoses and work plans, to the effective preparation, implementation, monitoring and impact assessment of each activity, proposal or service. Should you have a specific interest or demand that is not listed below, please feel free to ask us directly.

The goal of Veredas is to forge paths for safe, welcoming, supportive and diverse work environments, as well as for corporate and institutional practices that promote and protect the full scope of human rights. Our founding partners have extensive experience working in governments – both federal and municipal; civil society organizations; international bodies; companies and academia, which has allowed them to develop all-encompassing global perspectives on these themes. As a result, our consultancy manages to act from a multifaceted perspective, guided by a commitment to lasting, effective change.

Joana and Mayra understand that there is no single formula that can be replicated for all circumstances. On the contrary, they believe in specific diagnoses and strategies for each particular demand, based on a combination of the many services offered. Proposals are built according to each client’s specific context in order to address each particular situation. In addition, Veredas strives to build complete and integral solutions for each demand, relying, whenever necessary, on specialized partnerships that seek qualified answers to each and every situation. This approach fosters a hub of consultants and partners capable of fully meeting even the most complex demands.

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