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Although a lot remains to be done to achieve universal guarantee of basic rights in our society, the field of new players coming forward to share this responsibility is ever expanding. Certain duties will always be incumbent upon the public sector, but private initiative and organized civil society can – and should – act as agents for the implementation of human rights.

However, mere image building solutions that are not committed to real change will continue to expose companies and institutions to irreparable reputational risks. Human rights must exist beyond words. Publicly assumed commitments must translate into fair corporate practices, coherent institutional actions and safe and healthy workplaces.

Companies, institutions and organizations are agents of societal transformation and co-responsible for the changes we want in the world. This requires a commitment to the entire community and respect for the human rights and ethical principles contained in the ESG criteria – beyond focusing exclusively on investor attraction. Veredas wants to help these players contribute, de facto, to a fairer society, not only outwardly, but also, and especially, by investing in deep and effective change within their own structures and practices.


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