Training ombudsperson offices and human resources managers for reception and referral of sexual harassment cases

The main objective of this training program is to adequately prepare Ombudsperson and Human Resources managers to receive and forward allegations of sexual harassment. Based on restorative principles, this training allows those involved in the implementation of internal policies to identify problematic situations and address them appropriately. Our training provides many different strategies for a variety of stakeholders, allowing participants to identify and implement the necessary measures to restore safe and healthy work environments, compensate victims and hold accountable those that perpetrate or enable gender-based violence and human rights violations.

For a better, more attentive treatment of people who report incidents complainants, active listening and monitoring, in accordance with professional methods and techniques, must provide humanized care centered on their needs. To achieve this, their time for reflection and decision must be respected, thereby strengthening their psychic integrity, autonomy and freedom of choice. It is also essential that any referrals respect the choices of plaintiffs as to how a given harassment or discrimination situation should be dealt with. This disposition is a fundamental step towards the construction of more dignified and effective ways to address harassment in the workplace and those actively involved on this front will greatly benefit from training. Specifically for Ombudsperson, one of the main focuses of this qualification is Trauma Informed Training (TIIT). TIIT teaches those who will receive complaints how to prepare for the interview and how best to conduct it. Based on an understanding of the nature of the trauma and how it can affect witness testimonies, the investigation informed by this perspective differs from a common administrative procedure.

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