Veredas supports adjustments to governance structures based on fair practices, and proposes to add human rights issues to the management system of companies and institutions. We seek actions and processes that go beyond good intentions, transcend pledges and nice words and move up the needle on compliance and human rights strategies. We help leaders find a path towards effective results and long-lasting change. Therefore, Veredas considers that a healthy work environment and fair corporate practices stem directly from unequivocal respect for human rights, requiring a commitment from organizations to their promotion and implementation.

How we act:

  • Internal crisis management
  • Organizational planning and management
  • Consolidation of ESG structures
  • Attraction, selection and inclusion of human resources with a focus on diversity
  • Development and monitoring of internal practices
  • Support for certifications
  • Advice to leadership
  • Assessment and implementation of strategies to fix toxic work environments

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