Human Rights Compliance

Veredas works with an updated definition of compliance, seeking to verify the observance of human rights norms and principles in the practices of companies, institutions and civil society organizations. In addition to legal compliance, the examined issues fall within the scope of labor relations – such as those arising from discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, religion, identity and disability, among others. Our approach is guided both by the national legal framework and the parameters of international law, as well as by contemporary ethical principles that demand a safe, harassment-free, dignified and fair work environment. The consultancy gauges the demands, supports crisis resolution processes and puts forth medium and long-term strategies, through a practice of reception, due diligence, risk assessment and proposal of solutions.

How we act:

  • Internal investigation of inappropriate conduct
  • Restorative conflict resolution
  • Technical support to ombudsperson and reporting channels
  • Installation of permanent capabilities for addressing conflicts
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Due diligence and external auditing

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