Investing in training is an important proactive step for the protection and promotion of human rights. The proposals are designed specifically for each context, considering the objectives sought and the respective target audience. Our principles are rooted in our founding partners’ academic and professional trajectories and in establishing connections with associates qualified to address different agendas. Our training generates knowledge to help companies comply with further stages of human rights and ESG criteria. Each training program or activity generates indicators of the initiative’s impact.

  • Training and capacity-building activities on gender and human rights issues
  • Training for managers and stakeholders
  • Curriculum development for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Production of texts and informative material
  • Carrying out internal research for management diagnoses

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Course Catalogue (indicative)




  • Concepts about the world of work, gender, and race
  • Understanding sexual harassment
  • Understanding problematic behaviors in the work environment
  • Identifying and addressing a toxic work environment
  • How to be a responsible spectator
  • Unconscious biases: What are they, and how do we deal with them?
  • Non-violent communication and constructive feedback
  • Trauma-informed investigation
  • Listening channel governance




  • What are Human Rights?
  • UN, SDGs, and Global Compact from the perspective of companies and human rights
  • Human rights governance and compliance
  • Human rights due diligence
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Special Themes (gender equality, racism, ableism, migration, and age attention)
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