Veredas – Human Rights Strategies advises companies, institutions, public bodies, and civil society organizations engaged in protecting and enforcing human rights. Strategically, we offer customized and structural solutions for fair corporate practices and healthy work environments.

We can be called upon to act in times of crisis, which require immediate responses, but we also provide detailed planning for medium and long-term solutions. Through action on four axes – Compliance, Governance, Engagement, and Training, we offer complete and integral solutions to each demand, relying, whenever necessary, on specialized partnerships.

We seek to pave the way for safe, welcoming, supportive, diverse work environments and corporate and institutional practices promoting and protecting human rights. We understand that there is no single formula. On the contrary, we believe in specific diagnoses and strategies for each demand based on our wide array of possible service combinations. Our proposals are designed according to each client and context to meet the specific needs of each situation.

We come up with complete and integral solutions for each demand. Our founding partners have worked in federal and municipal governments, civil society organizations, international organizations, private companies, and academia across several countries and continents, allowing them to develop a global perspective on these topics. As a result, Veredas acts from a multifaceted perspective, guided by a commitment to effective changes. In addition to our combined experience, we have fostered a hub of partner consultants capable of meeting the most complex demands.

Our services cover various options designed to promote a more dignified work environment and guide institutional practices aligned with the principles of protecting and promoting human rights. Please ask us if any specific interests or demands are not listed below.

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