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If, on the one hand, there is still a lot to be done so that fundamental rights are guaranteed in our society, on the other hand, there are more and more new actors coming forward to share this responsibility. The state will always have its duties, but the private sector and organized civil society can – and should – act as agents that promote the realization of human rights.

Companies, institutions, and organizations are agents of societal transformation and are co-responsible for the necessary changes. This requires a commitment to the entire community with which they interact and respect for human rights and ethical principles contained in the ESG criteria (an organization’s environmental, social, and governance practices).

It is essential to highlight that actions that only seek to improve the image, without a real commitment to effective changes, can expose companies and institutions to irreparable risks to their reputation. Human rights cannot just be in speech. Publicly assumed commitments must be implemented through fair corporate practices, coherent institutional actions, and decent work environments.

Veredas provides expert support to these organizations that want to contribute to building a fairer society through their outward actions and primarily through improving their internal structures.

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